God is Getting it Done!

Over the past year, we have been DILIGENTLY working to make a plan and regular schedule with our TEAM to consistently work with the kids.  In order to do this, our team needs to cultivate RELATIONSHIPS with the CHILDREN and STAFF.  We have spent many hours just PLAYING and HANGING out with them.  This has led to amazing relationships!  Now I am happy to say that we are CONSISTENTLY spending quality TIME with them not only hanging out, but sharing the GOSPEL, teaching them English, MENTORING the older boys on how to live in this crazy world, finding them jobs, and much much more!

Without the PRAYER and SUPPORT from each and everyone that GOD has sweetly sent us, we could not have come this far.  GOD is doing AMAZING work in Romania and in the HEARTS of the kids and staff.

Please continue to PRAY and if you’re not already, financially SUPPORT these kids that have been ABANDONED and SEPARATED from their families.  THEY NEED JESUS.. We are HIS hands and feet.  Please join us as we continue to MINISTER to them.



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