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Many amazing things are happening in the ministry.  Our move to the new ministry house is complete.  We are still getting things organized, but all in all we are in! Some updates on the house have been started. Please pray for God’s provision and directions as the work continues.  Since we have been here, we have been able to visit the kids more.  This in itself is amazing, because a prayerful concern was that our new location is a bit farther from the kids.  God is good!  It has actually has allowed us to spend more time with the kids.  See how God does that….He leads, guides, and provides.

We have taken the kids on more outings  They absolutely love it!  What a treat for them to leave their tough environments and go out and enjoy some time away.  We took a group of the kids to the botanical garden.  It was a beautiful spring day; we all enjoyed walking around and seeing how spring is blooming.  We also meet weekly with a group of older boys.  Just going out for some fun and a bite to eat really ministers to these boys.  Our hearts are to lead them by example and take this opportunity to have godly man talks with them.  Please pray that their hearts will hear and receive these truths.

We started reading the book of Genesis to the kids in one of the apartments.  They had so many questions and cannot wait until we do it again.  Please pray the staff would be ok with this.  We would love to start reading the Bible in every place we visit.  Sadly, this is a struggle.  Pray for open hearts and a desire from the staff to allow us to share this incredible time with the kids.

I am currently in Poland at a mission conference.  It is so great being ministered to and having this time to rest and pray for wisdom, guidance, and direction from Jesus. The children have been especially tough lately.  Please pray for them.  It seems like it is a season of rebellion and testing the waters for most of them.  Please pray for our team to not get discouraged and to continue the good fight to share Jesus with the kids who need Him so desperately.

Your support and prayers are so appreciated and necessary!  Without your prayer and financial support, this ministry would not be happening.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  If God so leads, please become a monthly financial supporter.  It is easy just click the donation button and set up a small monthly amount.  This goes directly to the kids!  Thank you so much!



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  1. Oh how great you got all moved in. Pray that you will have wonderful, creative ways to organize and make it all God desires and blesses. I hear the season of rebellion. It’s possible they are reacting to the change of place. Do not grow weary in doing good. ♡♡♡ So good to hear from you!

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