The team here in Romania meets weekly with the kids.  Our goal is to spend time with them to build relationships that lead to trust.  The kids have been abandoned or let down by those God divinely appointed as their family.  We are trying to establish relationships with the kids, so they will trust us.  When this happens, the kids will then be able to believe when we share the truth that they are not alone and abandoned, that Jesus Christ is their advocate and protector!

This week we met with a group of older boys.  We have been trying to establish a mentoring program.  During this time, we try to encourage and guide them to make good decisions for their future.  I have to say that at times it is discouraging.  The boys have a hard time getting along which makes it difficult to get them together.  One of our team members encouraged us to just spend time with them.  Instead of sitting them down and having them watch a video on God (which is not bad); she encouraged us to take them out somewhere fun and just hang out with them.  She encouraged us to pray about asking them just one question…let God guide the way.

We took her advice!  The boys all came, and we had a great time.  They all got along and are excited to do it again.  We had some great conversations and fun!  Sometimes when we are in the thick of ministry, we take things into our own hands.  I was lovingly reminded that Jesus is the one that gets the work done.

As we continue to reach out and spend time with these kids, we are prayerfully seeking God’s wisdom and council on how to encourage and share Jesus with them.

Can you pray for us?  These kids want to be loved.  Sadly, they just do not know what that looks like, because in their minds love abandoned them.  Yet…we know true love…it is Jesus Christ!  Pray that we reflect HIM in all we do!

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Blessings to you and yours!


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